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Pirates Treasure

Manny stories have been told about pirates lost treasure, hidden on a secret island, far away from civilisation, from wishful eyes, of so manny people who dreamed at mountains of gold and shinny diamonds.

This games is a quest for a treasure that legend says is on a lost island. Your journey begins on Island of 1000 Skuls where you wake up after your ship was lost in a storm.

"The sun is burning, and you try to get on your feet. You feel the taste of sand, and the smell, what is that smell? You try to remember where you are and what happened. And suddenly all last months come into your mind, a mixture of unbelievable events that determined your journey. Now your remember reading an old letter to your grandfather, then a meeting with mysterious, weird old man, a preparation to this journey. You remember it was a storm, people screaming and now, your are on this unknown island, alone, tired and hungry."

After you've woke up on that deserted island, you must discover any clue that would lead to the treasure, you must find way to survive, to leave this island and to find the treasure. The game contains five Chapters, every chapter with 10 levels. The purpose of the game is to clear every level, to collect coins and gems, and finally to find the treasure.



Operating System: Windows / MacOsX
RAM: 256 MB
Video: 64 MB
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