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"Games encourage the player to look at, understand, and experience things. They teach people lessons about themselves and possibly the world, and allow such insights to be passed on to others."

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Windows Vista Issues

If you experience performance problems on Windows Vista, slow frame rate and weird look of main screen / menu of the game, then upgrade your video card drivers by visiting your video card manufacturer website, and downloading latest drivers from there. Because Vista is relatively new operating system there still might be issues with some video drivers, which will be fixed by upgrading your video drivers. Also upgrade process might help other applications too.

Will your games run on my Laptop?

Yes, our games will run well on your Laptop too, if is not very old. Go to games section from our website to see requirements to run our games.

Will your games run on Apple's OS X ?

Yes. Our games run on Apple's OSX Tiger and Leopard be it Intel or Power PC, and also on Windows XP, Windows Vista (or Windows 2000-2008).

I love your games. Will you release more?

Yes, more games will be available soon, for your entertainment. Save a link of our website and come back. Feel free to send us any feedback using our contact form.

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